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A blocked drain can be a major inconvenience, causing sewage to back up and potentially leading to water damage and other issues. If you have a blocked drain in London, you need a reliable and professional company to get the problem fixed quickly and effectively. Chris Peters 0791 7852384 is a highly experienced drain specialist serving the London area. With over [insert number] years of experience, he has the expertise and equipment to tackle even the most challenging blockages and drain issues.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

There are several things that can cause a drain to become blocked, including:

  • Grease: Pouring grease down the drain can lead to a build-up in the pipes, eventually causing a blockage. It’s important to dispose of grease properly, such as by wiping it up with a paper towel and throwing it in the trash.
  • Hair: Hair is one of the most common causes of drain blockages. It’s important to regularly remove hair from the drain to prevent it from accumulating and causing a problem.
  • Soap scum: Over time, soap scum can build up in the pipes and cause a blockage. Using a drain cleaner or regularly running hot water down the drain can help prevent this issue.
  • Foreign objects: Flushing or washing foreign objects down the drain, such as wipes or feminine hygiene products, can cause a blockage. It’s important to only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet.
  • Tree roots: Tree roots can infiltrate and damage the pipes, causing blockages and leaks.

How Chris Peters Can Help

Chris Peters is highly skilled in unblocking and cleaning drains. Here’s what he does:

  • Diagnoses the problem: Chris starts by determining the cause of the blockage. He uses specialized equipment, such as a drain camera or snake, to identify the location of the obstruction and assess the severity of the issue.
  • Removes the blockage: Once Chris has identified the cause of the blockage, he uses the appropriate tools and techniques to remove it. This may involve using a high-pressure water jet to flush out the pipes or manually removing the obstruction.
  • Prevents future blockages: In addition to removing the current blockage, Chris takes steps to prevent future issues from occurring. This may include using a CCTV drain camera to inspect the pipes or applying a chemical treatment to break down any residual debris.

Why Choose Chris Peters

There are several reasons to choose Chris Peters for your blocked drain needs:

  • Expertise: Chris is fully trained and certified, with years of experience in the industry. He has the knowledge and skills to quickly and accurately diagnose and fix any problem.
  • Equipment: Chris uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the most efficient and effective service possible. From high-pressure water jets to CCTV drain cameras, he has the tools to handle any job.
  • Customer service: Chris places a strong emphasis on customer service and strives to exceed his clients’ expectations. He is friendly, professional, and always happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Flexibility: Chris offers flexible scheduling to meet your needs and can often accommodate same-day or next