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Blocked toilet Folkestone unblocked for a fixed price by Chris 0791 7852384,I have over 28 years experience and knowledge and the right skills to clear your blocked toilet fast, upon which I also have all the right toilet unblocking tools and skills to have it flowing away in no time.

Blocked Toilet Folkestone

I am a one man operation and take great pride in the service that I provide to my customers,as well as having over 28 years I have built up a lot of great tools for clearing blockages in toilets and drains including a high pressure water jetting machine and a drain camera for drain surveys and inspection work, Also a lot of manual hand tools.

Emergency Blocked Toilet Service Folkestone

I do offer a 24 hour 247 emergency service which does cover weekends and evenings as well as bank holidays,so please feel free to give me a call or text to sak for assistance to clear your blockage,I am your local working emergency drainage company/ contactor who can attend your property fast.

Have You Watched The Above Video?

Please watch the above video this should give you a good idea of what im like totally unscripted which is apparent and no retakes as it is more real,the video is a year old now so it does say over 27 years experience.

Unblock Toilet Folkestone CT18 Today Call Now

I work weekends and evenings clearing and unblocking blocked toilets in and surrounding Folkestone CT18 so please feel free to give me a call to discuss your problem.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my datails and hopefully watching my video.

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Blocked Toilet Folkestone 0791 7852384