Drain Unblocking In East Grinstead

It’s winter again. That means the risk of drains blocking is raised due to the risk of freezing. To ensure your drains can be dealt with as soon as possible, invest In Drain Unblocking by Chris for efficient and affordable drain unblocking in East Grinstead.

During the freezing temperatures, it is wise not to put oils, fats or other products down your sink that can cause a blockage. Unfortunately, many of us simply do it as a force of habit. If you have been unlucky enough to have a drain blockage, I can help you restore it to a working sate.

A friendly plumber simply making sure customers get the most out of an independent experienced plumbing service.

I offer a fixed price service. This means I don’t charge by the hour or whatever the major companies may do when sending out one of their unblocking team. Instead I listen to your concerns and offer the most reasonable price to ensure you can have the support you need without it eating too much into your budget.

Part of my process is to keep the area I work in as clean as possible. This is my way of offering a much more personal service to you. With this little effort you won’t have to worry about having to clean up a huge mess upon my departure.

You can find out more via my website or give me a call to discuss bookings available on 0791 785 2384.