How To Unblock A Toilet ? And Helpful Tips To Prevent Reblocking

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When it comes to unblocking a blocked toilet the best way by far is by creating suction in the ubend using a one meter drain rod and plunger,as a drainage engineer this is how I have cleared over 80 % of all blocked toilets that I have come across over the last 30 years of unblocking them.

Before attempting to clear your toilet,please put on some water proof gloves and cover your surrounding flooring in case of any splashing and also please read all of article as there are some tips to look out for before starting to prevent leaks on fittings and toilet.

The Below Is A Picture Of The One Meter Drain Rod And Plunger For A Blocked Toilet Clearance

To clear your blocked toilet simply put the drain rod and plunger into your toilet and give a vigorous bouncing/pumping action in the hole at the base of the inside of your toilet bowl to create the suction,in some cases were it will not clear I would fill the toilet up to the rim using a bucket (Not By Flushing as there Is a danger that the flush will not stop due to excessive water making the flush mechanism constantly flow causing a over flow) by filling water to the rim this will create a higher head of pressure behind the blockage,this water level should now drop very quickly when the blockage is cleared.

If the water in the toilet bowl starts going down slowly every time you are bouncing/pumping then just keep topping up the water as your blockage may be working its way down the pipework slowly I have had this happen quite a few times and after 1/ 10 buckets depending on how long the pipe work is you should clear the blocked toilet.

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Toilet Flexi Multi Quick

Have a look at the rear of your toilet and inspect if you have access to the waste pipework / fittings because I always check this before I start because the above picture showing a flexi multi quick fitting because they are more prone to come off easier while plunging as the seem to move while plunging so if you can keep a eye on it, they are normally are installed in bathroom suites were all the pipe work is behind the modern paneling that encloses toilets and basins,if you start hearing squelching noises then take caution.

The below is a picture is of a short multi quick which are less likely to come off but you must still be cautious as they also have rubber seals as does the above picture that can perish making the fitting loser than when originally installed, I would say If you are ready for the worst case scenario of the fitting popping off the your well prepared.

I have had times when both the above have had leaking joints and I have dried around fitting and used duct tape to help secure the fitting and to prevent suction loss and plunged the blockage clearing the blocked toilet.

Also Lift Your Manhole Cover If Your Blockage Will Not Clear

I have also been to lots of blocked toilets were I have lifted the manhole cover and found the beginning of the blockage as it has originated in the manhole and a simple prod with a drain rod or a spray with a garden hose that has cleared the blockage then whoosh cleared, be ready for pressure if the toilet is upstairs, and also be ready not to let any large amount of bulk tissue clumps wash further down the drains,before attempting to clear have a large piece of wood or something blocking down stream of outlet in manhole so you can mash up any large clumps,I had to learn that the hard way clearing one blockage only to make a harder one further down the drainage system.

What Causes Toilets To Block

Here a some of the most common causes of blockages I come across in toilets.

  • Excessive Tissue
  • Faulty Flush Syphon
  • Slow Filling Toilet
  • Slipped Rubber In Multi Quick Fitting
  • Children’s Toys
  • Tampax/ Baby Wipes
  • Limescale
  • Lodged Air Freshener

When it comes to excessive tissue I think that says it all,as for a faulty flush if it only flushes half the water in the cistern this will cause problems with washing away waste material, as will a slow filling toilet that takes 5 / 10 minutes to fill up and someone uses the toilet before its full resulting in a poor amount of water washing through the system.

A slipped rubber in the muti quick fitting can cause the rubber to accumulate tissue on the rubber until a full blockage occurs as can a a child’s toy which can also compromise the internal diameter of toilet or waste pipe.

Baby wipes and tampax normally cause blockage further down the system and should not be flushed down the toilet even if they say they are flushable,limescale can build up inside the toilet ubend as well as in the drainage pipe and can drastically reduce the diameter I have treated quite a few toilets with a strong hydrocloric acid which dissolves limescale quickly,but this industrial strength and is not easily available.

Clip on air fresheners can easily be knocked of and be flush by accident upon which they either stick in the ubend of your toilet or in the multi quick fitting a the point were it reduces in size.

The main ways to retrieve the lost air freshener first of all I try putting my hand around the first part of the ubend in the toilet and pulling it out a couple of time just about touching it with my finger tips then making tools to assist like bending the end of a small screw driver and various other bits,if this fails then I would use a toilet auger like the picture below and can be purchased cheap on the internet,it can take quite a few attempts to latch on but on other occasion I have had it on the end of the auger wire on the first attempt. these toilet augers have a bend on the bottom to protect the bottom of the toilet from scratching you pull the wire from the handle to pull the wire back with no slack and the large end right next to the bend then you put the auger into the toilet and get the bend on the tool around the first part of the ubend then gently start to push the wire in from the handle upon which when it stops you start winding the handle to make the wire turn and assist wire to travel further and can be very effective tool (DO USE TOILET AUGER ON FLEXIBLE MULTI QUICK FITTING AS THEY CAN BE DAMAGED)

I hope some of the above information has been helpful to you .

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