Blocked Drains Rainham

 Fixed Price Blocked Drains in Rainham  0791 7852384

Blocked drains Rainham 0791 7852384.

Blocked Drains Rainham cleared for a set price  Chris 0791 7852384.                                   Why pay a drainage company an hourly/half hourly rate ?

Family runOperation Not A Large Or National Drainage Company And Charge A Fixed Price 0791 7852384

We give our customers a set price over the phone so they know what their charge will be before we even arrive, we have been clearing blocked drains in Rainham for over 25 years and as a independents we offer a fast and reliable service that you may not get from bigger company’s.

WE Have All The Right Drain Clearance Tools And Equipment Some Are Listed Below

High Pressure Water Jetting Unit Mounted In Rear Of Van

Electric eel / Sanisnake which feeds a wire cable through the pipes which is housed in a small drum attached to a drill to spin while going through waste pipes to help clear block sinks with very long runs and blocked baths and various other problems.

Drain Rods Large and small.

Air Ram which can be pumped up by hand and a blast of compressed air shot through pipe work.

Drain cctv inspection camera to carry out drain cctv surveys of drains.

Unblocking Drains In Rainham  0791 7852384 call now.                                                        So if you have blocked drains in Rainham please give me a call

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Blocked Drains Rainham


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